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Using this blog to keep track of my 100 happy days. Track my progress with #100happydaysgrace

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Day 5: The TV show South Beach Tow makes me happy. I love unwinding to this hilariously funny show.
Day 4: almost forgot today. So crazy how busy you can get. I realized that the stars that I have on my ceiling make me happy. They glow in the dark and remind me of summer nights watching the stars.
Day 3: there wasn’t much to be happy about today. My grandpa had his funeral. However, I am happy that there is eternal life. Knowing that he is in heaven with grandma is comforting. I am happy God will grant me to be with them someday.
Day 3: driving makes me happy because I can be by myself and let my mind go. The scenery is beautiful here.
Day 2: apple pie makes me happy. Let’s be real here.
Day 1: my dog Ruby always puts a smile on my face. She’s so fun!